" Acknowledgements "

Many thanks for all of the "Time and Research" of these people, othewise none of this would be possible

My Sister Lorna Flinchbaugh Gentzler and her husband Harley Gentzler
My Brother Rick Flinchbaugh lives in New York
Pennsylvania Sunrise Fall of 2001, somewhere near Somersetall,
My friend Dick Reinhold lives in Leverkusen, Germany.  He is the one that got me headed on the right path, what town to search in Germany for our German Roots!  With his regular fall visits to the US I find that there is much for me to learn about genealogy.(smile).
Dick Reinhold
Elaine Lutz Hase
Elaine lives in Tennesee, (originally from Pennsylvania)  Elaine helped me see how the Flinchbaugh name was changed from the spelling of Flinspach.  She was also kind enough to introduce me to Kuno Krieger from Germany.
Kuno Krieger
Kuno Krieger and  friend is from Leingarten Germany, he searched the records in Grossgartach now Leingarten Germany and the church records in Lauffen.   All of our earlyGerman Flinspach ancestors came from these two towns. Kuno had to be able to read the old German language and Latin.  He was able to do this and and give us a complete report all the way back to about 1500..
Steven Geisler from York Pa.  Steven has many years of research in the York Co area, and has helped us many times when we got stuck.  Now we've been able to add much more to our famly genealogy because of what he had in his records...
Steven Geisler
Horst Flinspach
Horst Flinspach is from Heilbronn Germany,.  He shared his family genealogy with me and it links to our Flinchbaugh/Flinspach's  in York Pennsylvania.
H.A. Diehl
Glenda Yaksich
Glenda helped me with lots of the Backel family genealogy, I still have to tie up some lose ends but thanks to her I  have the right places to search.
HA Diehl lives in Wilmington Delaware, he was from York Co.  His family genealogy has been a great help in tracing our own family.  His Diehl famly intermarried into our family twice in Felton Pa.
Joyce Riley
Joyce lives in Florida, but her roots orginate from York Pa. She helped me in getting my Schlenker/Slenker genealogy straightened out.  All the way back to our German  immigrant ancestors.
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Clic                                               Robert (Bob) Flinchbaugh

Bob is from  Dallastown Pennsylvania, he told me many new stores of the Flinchbaugh's.  His father Jerome Flinchbaugh was one of the Flinchbaugh's in 1928 to do the research on our first German immigrant  Melchior Leonard Flinspach... Thanks to them we have a great insight on our early Flinchbaugh's in York Co.
Don, June and Tom Flinspach

Don and his family have very kindly sent a family history to me,  his family is from Franklin Pennsylvania. There family immigrated to America around 1850.  They came from Lauffen the same German Village as my family came from in 1753.  Thank you very much for sharing your infomation with me...